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Get The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide ... the new report that's filled with common sense advice for the backyard shed and barn builder. Take advantage of this special introductory offer and you'll jumpstart your backyard shed or barn building project! You don't need to be a rocket scientist or a master carpenter to save hundreds of dollars on your shed or barn. You just need to get on the right track ...

backyard shed and barn building guideSure, steel buildings make good sense when you're building a generously-sized workshop or working barn (after all, they're cost-effective and go up fast). But good old wood gets the nod when you're building a modest-sized structure for the backyard. Why should you settle for a hideous vinyl or aluminum monstrosity from the home improvement store? Don't lower your property values with a nasty looking piece of junk! You deserve better! You can custom build your own beautiful backyard shed or barn in as little as a weekend.

When your neighbors complain about how much they paid for their sheds, you can proudly say, "I built it myself, and I saved a TON of money!"

The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide is packed full of value. It's easy and fun to read. If you're thinking about building it from scratch yourself (or even if you're thinking about building it from a kit) you need this book.

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You can save hundreds of dollars with the special coupon deals included with the The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide. That's right, hundreds of dollars!


Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide Coupon Deals include:

potting shed, tool shed, and garden barn illustration candlewood barn illustration

potting shed, tool shed, and garden barn floor plansThe Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide is chock full of solid advice. But that's not all. It includes shed and barn plans (a $50 value) so you can start planning your backyard building project TODAY! That's right ...

4 Plans are included (a $50 Value!)

These are gorgeous plans. They're not the uninspired stuff you might find at your local lumberyard. They're real, honest-to-goodness architect drawn plans from Donald Berg--the author of Barns and Backbuildings--a recognized leader in the field of small building design. They're the real deal.

Plans for four different structures are included. The three smaller pole shed plans are based on a 10' x 14' floor plan and can all be built with standard 4" x 4" pressure treated posts. (The garden barn extends all the way out to 10' x 23'.) Each of the pole sheds have 70 square feet of handy loft space.

And take a look at the handsome Candlewood barn ... it's built with 6" x 6"s and provides enough room to store (and restore!) an old car, along with a generously sized loft for storing all that extra stuff! (The Candlewood provides 395 square feet of floor space and 315 square feet of loft space.)

But what if you don't like the shed and barn plans that are included?

Don't worry ... with the special offers included with The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide, you're covered! I'll send you a coupon for $5 off any of Donald Berg's plans under $50 at -- a website that features some of the most beautiful shed and barn plans in the world. And that's not all. If you buy one set of plans from the Jamaica Cottage Shop, you'll get the second set at 1/2 price (a $25 value) with another special coupon. Even better then that ... I'll personally help you find the right plans for your needs! Just let me know your requirements (purpose, style, and size) and I'll track down the plans of your dreams.

But what if you want to build a shed or barn, but not from scratch?

The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide can save you hundreds of dollars. A special coupon offer from the Jamaica Cottage Shop will save you 10% off the price of their pre-cut lumber packages.

This must be pretty expensive, right?

Nope! This downloadable report (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) is priced at a modest $17. Once you order the report, you'll have quick access. Payments are processed through PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal accepted.

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candlewood barn floor planBuild it yourself and SAVE.

Don't throw your money at an ugly mass-produced structure. Do it yourself. Build the beautiful backyard shed or barn your family deserves!

Buy The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide today.

You might be thinking, "I don't know if I can build my own shed."

To tell you the truth, before I built my shed, I didn't know if I could, either. But I had two big incentives to try. First off, I couldn't afford the cost of a pre-built shed--at least not the shed I wanted. Secondly, I refused to settle for an ugly pre-manufactured shed. I wanted a structure that complimented my house, not an eyesore that assaulted the aesthetics of my backyard.

All in all, my 8 x 12 greenhouse shed cost me roughly a THIRD of what they were asking for a comparable design at the garden center (and that was before shipping and installation). JUST A THIRD! I spent just over $900 in supplies, as opposed to the $3000 that the garden center wanted for their greenhouse shed. Two thousand bucks (and change) was a significant sum of money to me then, as it is now. That would pay for a new garden tractor, for Pete's sake!

But it was more than just saving all that money. It was the feeling of accomplishment I felt after the job was done. It's tough to put a price on that. When folks come over to the house and say how nice the shed looks, I'm proud to tell them that I built it myself.

You can have that same feeling of pride. Click on this link to get started.

Free Cupola Plans! (with additional purchase)

We'll even include a special coupon for free cupola plans from, with the purchase of any of their magnificent barn plans. That's a $35 value!

About Me: I've been writing do-it-yourself computer software how-to books since 1990. And I've been running "Walden in the Burbs - the site for D-I-Y shed and barn builders" since 1999. After many years, I finally decided to write something I care about (other than graphics software and Internet stuff):The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide. I think you'll dig it ...

If you've read this far, and haven't ordered The Backyard Shed and Barn Building Guide, I want to know why. Please tell me. :) The overall value of the guide far exceeds its cost right now, but I want to make this the best value possible! If you have questions (or suggestions), let them fly!


Daniel Gray


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