May 02, 2010

How Much Lumber Do I Need to Build a Shed?

Tuba what? 2x4? 2x6? 2x8? What kind and type of lumber do I need to buy to build my shed?

Building a storage shed can be a daunting process for first timers. If you've never tackled a construction project before, the best bet is to team up with someone with a notch or two on their tool belt. A trip to the lumber yard takes a whole new dimension when you travel with an experienced guide.

It all starts with the shed plan ...

Traci wrote:

What materials do I need to build a storage shed? I know I need lumber, but do not know what kind and how much.

The best shed plans will include precise specifications that spell out the type and quantity of lumber required for the job. While the material take-off list will specify the specific grade of lumber, the ultimate decision on the kind of lumber is left to the builder. For example: while the plan may specify pine siding, you might prefer cedar.

To be sure, the type of siding is one of the biggest variables in shed construction. The fastest way to side is with sheets of T-111 plywood siding. This sheathes and sides in one step.

2x4s are the standard for framing walls in a conventional shed. 2x6s will work for floor joists on smaller sheds with lighter loads, but you'll want to step up to 2x8 joists for larger sheds. Any lumber that comes in contact with the ground should be treated.

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