November 25, 2013

What do you do for a 15 Year Anniversary?

It's hard to believe that nearly fifteen years have passed since I penned The Complete Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs for McGraw-Hill. A lot of water's flowed under the bridge and plenty of cash has burned its way through my pockets since 1999. I tripped into affiliate marketing by chance, and I was lucky to step in it. Not a day goes by without feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have thrown themselves at my feet.

When I was in the midst of research for the book, back in the day, I foresaw it as something that might get revised on a regular basis. Alas, that never happened. The book's never gone out of print and the rights have never reverted. I still see a royalty check on occasion.

I've been looking for the right followup for the longest time, and I think I've (once again) stumbled into it. After spending the last six years looking through the lens of a video camera, I now see things as a blur of moving pictures. Words, of course, are always at the heart of it. But it's the scenes that present themselves that have captured my thoughts.

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